Environment Testing

Environment Testing is used to confirm whether or not a specific piece of equipment is stable enough to withstand the obstacles of a harsh environment.

Joseph Federico Vice President of NJMET, NJ is proud to offer extensive environmental testing for electronic components. Electronics which are brought to NJMET go through a thorough process of testing and analysis to ensure product quality and sustainability. Components that are subjected to this process undergo a range of evaluations that help determine if it’s strong enough to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Some of these tests include:
High Temp (stabilization) Bake
Burn-in (microcircuits/semi Conductors)
Life Test
Humidity Analysis
Temperature Cycling
Temperature Analysis
Humidity Analysis
Salt Spray
Thermal Shock
Ozone Analysis
Weatherometer Analysis
Durability Testing
Life Cycle Testing


For more information on Environmental Testing of Electronic Microcircuits, please call Joseph Federico at NJMET, NJ at (973) 546-5393. Please visit NJMET at www.njmetmtl.com